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What You Need to Know About Bingo Jackpots

Bingo Jackpots

Every Bingo player would wish to win a bingo jackpot. It is the part of the game that participants look forward to the most. It even stands to reason that one plays bingo for the sole purpose of winning the much coveted prize.

Winning the bingo jackpot, after all, is the highest point of the game, and literally the most rewarding.

What is a jackpot anyway and how does it work? In the context of a bingo game, a jackpot is a prize won by players who successfully mark the required patterns on their card. The patterns may be different for every game, gaming hall or Internet Bingo Sites.

Securing the jackpot also varies depending on the difficulty of the patterns, so winning it will definitely be most fulfilling.

Patterns may range from simple line patterns (diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and any outside lines) to complicated ones such as the butterfly, clover leaf and Christmas tree patterns. Beating these patterns makes the game both fun and challenging, albeit a bit harder to win.

There are two popular kinds of jackpots commonly used in a game. The first of which is the progressive jackpot where prizes are accumulated from previous rounds of the game. The second one is the super jackpot where prizes are already set from start to finish, but are relatively more substantial than that of the former.

The progressive jackpot starts off with a relatively smaller pot. There is often more than one round in a regular bingo event and with this type of jackpot, in each round, a certain amount is added to the pot and it is accumulated until a winner is announced. This means that if no one wins the first round, the prize is carried over to the second, and so on. A limit on the numbers called out is set, so that a game ends after a certain number of balls have been drawn rather than the usual way of play where balls will be drawn until someone from the players yells “Bingo!”

The super jackpot on the other hand is won by completing the pattern announced before the game started also within a pre-determined number of calls. The difference is, in this type, the quantity of numbers called for the first round progressively increases until the round when the jackpot is won. As long as the prize is not won, another round will ensue and the number of calls increases by one, and so on. This will continue until a winner is announced.

It is interesting to note that regular bingo players and enthusiasts even come up with their own strategies to win. It is not surprising, though, because prizes range from a few hundred dollars to some thousand dollars. You see, bingo jackpots are often so sizeable an individual could live on it and even support a family or more.

With those things in mind you can just imagine how serious the business of bingo is. Many people treat it beyond just a simple game or gamble. They breathe and live the game. Amidst all these considerations, though, do not forget one thing: Enjoyit! If anything, the purpose of the game is beyond getting that bingo jackpot. It should be for the pleasure of playing the game itself.

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