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Roulette: where it all started
Although many of you have certainly heard of roulette by now, do you really know where it all began?

Allow us to be the bearers of information!

Roulette comes from the French diminutive for little wheel.

The first form of roulette was created in the 18th century in France. However, a century earlier, Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, introduced a very primitive form of it in his continuous search for a perpetual motion machine.

Also, just as an interesting fyi, the earliest description of the roulette was in the La Roulette, our le jour French novel.

Disregarding its many historical variations, the game has been played in its form of today ever since 1796.

At first, the roulette wheels used in casinos all over Paris featured the single 0 as red, and the double zero as black. In order to avoid any chance of confusion, the color green was introduced in the 1800s.

But let’s get back to more present times, shall we? In the first part of the 20th century, the roulette was present in only two towns: Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Surprising? We didn’t think so!

Monte Carlo has the single zero French wheel and Las Vegas had the American double zero wheel.

By 2008, casinos worldwide featured roulette games, whether it was the double zero variant (U.S., Canada, South America, and the Caribbean) or the single zero wheel (more popular elsewhere).

Game rules

Before you start playing, you must know the rules, right?

Well, the basics are as follows:
– There is a wheel that features 36 numbers and a 0. On some American tables, there is also a 00.
– There is a table with the same numbers on which you place bets
– There is a small white ball

The main rule of the game is to guess the number and type of pocket on which the ball will land.

– Inside Bets

o Straight up – betting on one number
o Split Betting – betting on two numbers
o Street Betting – betting on three numbers (you can also bet with just one chip placed at the end of any 3-numbers row)
o Corner betting – betting on four numbers (the chip lies at the intersection of four numbers)
o Six line betting – betting on 6 numbers (the chip lies at the edge of two adjoining streets – rows of 3 numbers)
 Additionally, for American roulette, there is also a five number bet available which covers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

– Outside bets:
o Color bets (red or black)
o Even or odd bets
o Column bets or betting on 13 numbers
o Dozen betting (1st number, 12th number, etc.)
o High or Low bets

Roulette Variations
As all popular games, roulette has been created for the masses, and since the demand was so big, so were the varieties of this game, created to satisfy those demands.
Among the most popular types of roulette, we can enumerate:
– European roulette
– American roulette
– French roulette
– Multi-ball roulette
– Multi-wheel roulette
– Live dealer roulette
– Spingo (a crazy-fun combination of bingo, lotto and roulette)

Start playing
We know we caught your attention now! As you can see, roulette has overcome the times when it was only for the privileged or the rich. This fun game is now available for all of us and all you have to do now is find a table with a roulette of your choice and try your luck.

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